Waste Management

The Town of Torbay is committed to maintaining a clean, safe environment for residents and visitors alike. As part of this commitment, the Town has a contracted household garbage collection/disposal and curbside recycling service.

Garbage Pick-up

Household garbage pick-up takes place every week, Tuesday to Friday. Recycling pick up takes place every second week, Tuesday to Friday. For more information, see the schedule and Garbage Regulations.

Garbage Collection Route Map

Garbage Collection Road Schedule

2016 Garbage & Recycling Schedule

If you require additional information concerning the Town of Torbay’s Waste Management Program, please contact Bernie Manning at 437-6532, Ext. 287 or Email at bmanning@torbay.ca.

 Curbside Recycling

A few “tricky” things to remember about recycling in the Town of Torbay. Here is a list of what can be recycled.

Hazardous Waste Disposal

In addition to Regular Garbage Collection and Bulk Garbage Collection, the Town of Torbay also hosts a Household Hazardous Waste day. The primary objective of the HHW Program is to provide Torbay residents with a safe method to dispose of unwanted special wastes that cannot be disposed of with regular garbage. These in particular are the leftover products from hazardous products used in the home. Some of these wastes exhibit poisonous, combustible, explosive and/or flammable properties. If HHW are discarded into the residential solid waste stream, the storm sewer system, or the natural environment, environmental damage may occur. If products are improperly stored in the home there may be negative impacts on the health of the residents and the public in general.


The Town of Torbay is actively involved in Clean-up Programs and promotion of Property Beautification. Residents are recognized for their contribution to property improvement and the Town promotes a clean environment for all residents.

Annual Bulk Garbage Drop Off

The Drop-Off service is scheduled for two weekends in the Fall (Sept 24-25 and the following weekend of October 1-2). All materials to be dropped off at the Green Zone (access via Holy Trinity Lane) on Saturday and Sunday between 8:00 am – 7:00 pm. There is no drop off during weekday hours.

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