Committee Structure and Schedule

Executive Committee

Chair G. Gallant

Member M. Thorne-Gosse

Alternate B.Whitty

Staff Chief Administrative Officer

  • Strategic Planning
  • Communication, Public Relations and Public Engagement
  • Promotion, marketing, media and advertising for the Town
  • Internal and external branding, corporate image and customer service
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Occupation, Health and Safety
  • Compensation and Benefits
  • Compensation and benefits for CAO, Senior Management and non-unionized staff
  • Human Resources and Collective Bargaining
  • Recruitment and Retention
  • Training and Development
  • Performance, productivity and discipline
  • Hiring, discipline and dismissal decisions concerning senior management
  • Town’s Succession Plan including specific development plans and career planning
  • CAO’s Performance Evaluation
  • Municipal elections, by-elections, plebiscites or referenda
  • Matters impacting protection of the environment
  • Liaise with Provincial and/or Federal Governments and agencies on issues of interest or concern to the Town of Torbay, including:
    • Gas Tax Agreement (Federal)
    • Fiscal Framework (Provincial)
    • Delegation of Provincial powers to municipalities
  • Standing Committees Terms of Reference

Member will serve as Council’s representative on the Environment Advisory Committee

Corporate and Community Services

Chair M. Thorne-Gosse

Member P. Roche 

Alternate B.Whitty

Staff Director of Corporate and Community Services 

  • Aims and objectives for the development and delivery of Recreation, Leisure, Arts and Culture Services for all residents including youth and seniors
  • Promotion of active, healthy and positive lifestyles
  • Developing and delivering special events and major community events
  • Beautification of the Town
  • Monitoring and implementing the Recreation Master Plan
  • Liaison with community groups, sport organizations and schools
  • Financial statement reporting and auditing
  • Budget preparation (capital and operational) and monitoring
  • Financial monitoring of Town’s operational and capital projects
  • Assessment and Taxation
  • Accounts Payable and recommendations for payment
  • Tax collection policy
  • External audit report and recommendations
  • Development of key performance indicators
  • Appointment of auditors, legal services and insurance agents
  • Procurement policies and compliance with the Public Tendering Act
  • Accountability, transparency, internal controls, financial planning, information technology, records management, procurement, risk management and insurance, sponsorships and donations
  • Member will serve as Council’s representative on the Heritage Advisory Committee
  • Member will serve as Council’s representative on the Holy Trinity Elementary School Council

Planning and Development

Chair C.A. Smith

Member C. Scott

Alternate B.Whitty

Staff Director of Planning and Development

  • Monitoring, implementing and amending the Municipal Plan, land use and zoning regulations
  • Development application and public consultation process
  • Compliance to Urban and Rural Planning Action and Provincial and Federal Regulations
  • Development control services
  • Consult with the community and interest groups in matters relating to land use and planning
  • Development and implementation of economic development, marketing programs and initiatives
  • Liaise with the business community and community development agencies
  • Promote business attraction, expansion and retention
  • Build effective relationships with tourism and business groups
  • Development and implementation of economic development and tourism development strategies
  • Review and recommendation on proposal developments and feasibility studies

Infrastructure, Public Works, Public Safety and Shared Services 

Chair C. Scott

Member M. Thorne-Gosse

Alternate B. Whitty

Staff Director of Infrastructure and Public Works

  • Maintenance and snow clearing of streets and sidewalks
  • Construction and maintenance of infrastructure, parks, trails, playfields, open spaces and recreational facilities
  • Development and implementation preventive maintenance and inventory systems
  • Developing specifications, bid documents and recommending tender awards
  • Sanitation and waste disposal systems
  • Monitor regional waste management systems
  • Developing and implementing a capital asset management system
  • Maintenance of water, sewer and storm water systems
  • Capital projects, including infrastructure, buildings and recreation facilities
  • Engineering services
  • Ensure all emergency planning responsibilities are adequately met
  • Provide policy guidance and determine priorities for the Town’s Emergency Preparedness Plan Development
  • Monitoring and amending of the Emergency Preparedness Plan
  • Establish communication links with key community and regional stakeholder to ensure coordination and collaboration regarding issues and activities relating to emergency preparedness
  • Setting strategy and dealing with existing and potential regional service matters
  • Fostering partnerships in other matters requiring regional cooperation
  • Public Parks and Playground safety
  • Liaising with the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary (RNC) on safety issues
  • Neighborhood Security
  • Public Transportation




Jack Byrne Arena C.A. Smith

Holy Trinity High School Council C. Scott (alternate R. Tapper)

Northeast Avalon Joint Council B. Whitty (alternate P. Roche)

Torbay Harbour Authority M. Thorne-Gosse

Urban Municipalities Committee R. Tapper (alternate C.A. Smith)




6:30 pm Privileged Session (may also include Resident Meetings with Council – by appointment)

7:30 pm Public Council Meeting



5:30pm Executive Committee

7:00 pm Committee of the Whole


4:30 pm Infrastructure, Public Works, Public Safety and Shared Services

6:30 pm Planning and Development


1:00 pm Corporate and Community Services

The Mayor is an ex-officio member of all committees and the Chief Administrative Officer may attend each committee meeting at her discretion.