I want to see the 2017 Municipal Affairs Budget Document
I want to read the 2017 Budget Speech

Read the whole speech here.

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I want to apply for the 25% property tax reduction for GIS recipients

Download the GIS property tax reduction form here.

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I want to apply for the 20% property tax reduction for LITR recipients

Download the Low Income Tax Reduction property tax reduction form here.

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Budget 2017 Videos

On Monday October 17th, Torbay Town Council held a public session at the Jack Byrne Regional Sport  Entertainment Centre to answer the many questions on Budget 2017 collected from Torbay residents. To develop this session, Councillors were filmed in the weeks leading up to the event to provide residents with an update on some of the major projects that Council is working on.

We are pleased to be able to now share those videos to insure you are kept up to speed on these projects!

Video One - Mayor Ralph Tapper's Greeting

Video Two - Deputy Mayor Geoff Gallant's Public Engagement Progress Update

Video Three - Youth Engagement with Ms. Keating's Grade Four Class at Holy Trinity Elementary

Video Four -  Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse's Community Centre Progress Update

Video Five - Councillor Craig Scott's Municipal Depot Progress Update

Video Six - Councillor Brian Whitty's Library Progress Update

Video Seven - Councillor Craig Scott's Roads & Safety Progress Update

Video Eight - Councillor Peggy Roche's Heritage Update

Video Nine - Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse's Trails Progress Update

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Budget 2017 News
Where does the money go?

Find out how your tax dollars are used in our beautiful community. Click here.

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View the Budget 2017 Highlights