Town of Torbay Announces Budget 2016

Budget 2016 lays the groundwork for a stronger, diversified town, while enhancing the programs and services Torbay’s residents rely on

Councillor Mary Thorne-Gosse, Chair of the Finance and Administration Committee, delivered Torbay’s 2016 budget speech on Monday December 14th. Torbay Council passed a budget that aims to balance recreational commitments with the need to prepare for future growth.

Council is now two years into its mandate and remains committed to implementing our vision through initiatives outlined in the strategic plan.” – Mary Thorne-Gosse

The main operating budget in 2016 will total $8,636,546.83 and $4,376,174.80 allocated for capital projects. Key highlights besides the continued implementation of their strategic plan include building on 2015 successes in resident engagement and communications, lowering mil rates and income tax reduction, building the town’s new depot, and plans for community center, trails and sidewalks.

“We are a quickly growing municipality. We need to keep up with the high demand for recreation and community initiatives. We also have infrastructure requiring repair and new infrastructure we need in place to accommodate and facilitate growth. We are confident that we have passed a budget to achieve balance.” – Mayor Ralph Tapper

Council is committed to utilizing taxpayers dollars in the most efficient and effective manner.  As a result, effective January 1, 2016, resources will be realigned to create a more efficient organization. The organizational review has resulted in savings of $112,000 to the Town of Torbay. Council remuneration will also be frozen at the same rate as 2015.

Read the budget speech in its entirety on the Town’s website. By the end of the week, a full breakdown of the budget will be available on their website, as well as the answers to all resident questions submitted as part of the #AskTorbay campaign.

An email to residents will notify them when this is available.



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