Torbay Launches Budget 2017 Consultations with Citizen Budget 

The Town of Torbay announced the launch of it’s citizen budget today. This online interactive tool will collect resident input on key municipal services and will run until October 14th 2016.

“We’re building on the budget consultation process started last year, Mayor Ralph Tapper. “It’s 2017.  A public meeting alone doesn’t cut it any more. We know we have to be progressive and explore new ways to interactive with and engage the people and businesses in our Town. Citizen Budget is a fun and interesting way to do this. We’re asking residents: how would the budget look if you were in charge?”

This is their chance to find out. With this new interactive online budgeting tool, the resident takes the driver’s seat. They get to decide how the tax dollars are spent. It’s not just informative, it’s fun! And challenging. The short online survey focuses on the services supported by general municipal property taxes, like Fire Services, Waste Management, Planning and Development, etc… Next to each category is a slider. Residents can change how much budget is dedicated to each and tell us why in the box below. The catch is, if you give to one area, you need to take from another.

Citizen Budget benefits both residents and the town. For residents, it allows them to have their say on what’s important to them. It’s also educational. Residents get to experience the process of deciding where the moneys goes and the constraints that come with limited funds. For the Town, all the feedback both written and overall numbers will be used as part of the consultation process. The more residents that participate, the more accurate the numbers will be. Seeing how residents balance the budget tells the Town what’s important to them for 2017.

“Council is looking forward to hearing from residents about their priorities, and to possibly including some of their suggestions into the upcoming budget,” said Mayor Ralph Tapper.

Other plans for Budget Consultation 2017 include video and live event on October 17th and the #AskTorbay social campaign. Residents can ask whatever they like using the hashtag #AskTorbay. Feedback gathered through all efforts will be presented to council for review and consideration during the 2017 budget deliberations in November. Results will also be shared with the public.


How does it work? 

1. Residents can access the survey from social channels or from the budget section on

2. Read each category’s description and adjust the sliders based on priorities.

3. Try to balance the budget to a maximum imbalance of $50,000.

4. Complete all of the questions and scroll to the bottom and press submit.

5. Share the consultation with friends and family on social media or via email!



  • Follow this link
  • Through Facebook and Twitter
  • Via budget bubble on the homepage


Compare with friends, family and colleagues

After a resident has submitted a budget, they can review their choices and compare them to fellow residents. All answers are included in the data used to build the charts. Participants will find their exact choice at the right side of each chart.


School Challenge 

This is a great activity for students learning about government as well. Encourage classes to participate and compare. Or complete as a group using real numbers to create a group discussion and submit to the town!


For more information:

Julie Curtis



Mayor Ralph Tapper


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