Torbay for Families Group Rallies to Stock the Food Bank.

On June 18th, members of the Torbay for Families Facebook group put off a town-wide Food Drive. It’s amazing to see the Town come together to stock the shelves and help out their neighbours. Thank you to organizers, supporters and participants. That community spirit is part of what makes Torbay a beautiful place to live.

A message on the group’s Facebook page read

WE DID IT!!!!!!! A HUGE SHOUT OUT ALL OUR TFF VOLUNTEERS ! Thanks to you the food bank is now nearly full. We still have work to do but we made a big change in the shortages. Please continue to donate or if we missed your pick up please let us know.

Thank you to Tracy Patricia Linegar and Ian Gosse for the sign by JBA Thank you to Nick Tobin or the use of his pick up truck and Gelnda Bishop-Tobin for manning the town hall. Thank you Advantage Signs for providing letters for the sign. Thank you Darren Durdle at Mary Brown’s Torbay location for providing gift certificates to all our volunteers.


CBC also ran a news story on the drive. Read all about it here.

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