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Bored by storyboards and polished plaques full of names and dates and “important” facts?

We are too.

In Torbay, heritage isn’t something you see, it’s something you shape.

The Torbay Museum and the Town of Torbay have launched a new venture in community heritage.

This self-guided audio tour is partnered with the [HERE] SAY Story Maps of Water Street and the Outer Battery (, and now you have a chance to experience it for yourself in Torbay.

Sheritage (sharing + heritage) lets you hear personal stories on location. When you’re out for a walk, look for the Sheritage signs throughout the community. You’ll see a phone number and a 3-digit-code. Dial the number on your mobile phone, punch in the code, and hear a story about the spot where you’re standing.

Join the Conversation

Unlike a lot of heritage interpretation that tells visitors what’s important about a place or event, the sheritage project gives you a chance to express what is important about the town’s past and, more importantly, encourages you to discuss and debate ideas as part of an open, public conversation.

Please click here for further information.

Please click here to view the Sheritage Map.

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