Killick Coast Games Results

A wonderful week of competing has come to a close and the results are in. Torbay had another successful games, see how they did below:

Sport – Team – Result

Senior Soccer – Torbay 1 – BRONZE

Senior Girls Basketball – Torbay 3 – GOLD

Junior Girls Basketball – Torbay 5 – BRONZE

Junior Boys Basketball – Torbay 4 – GOLD

Senior Boys Basketball – Torbay 1 – SILVER

Senior Girls Softball – Torbay 1 – SILVER

Junior Boys Softball – Torbay 1 – BRONZE

Junior Boys Softball – Torbay 3 – SILVER

Junior Girls Softball – Torbay 3 – BRONZE

Junior Ball Hockey – Torbay 3 – GOLD

Cross Country – Junior Girls – Katherine Summers – SILVER

Cross Country – Junior Girls – Ciara Molloy – GOLD


Most Spirited / Dedicated – Caitlyn Bugden / Dylan Creighton.


Redmond Hunt was the honorary patron for the Torbay team this year. He is involved with the St. John’s Caps of the local Junior B Hockey League and also plays with the Intermediate and Senior Shamrocks. Along with the St. John’s Junior Provincial team and the St. John’s Senior Caps Provincial team! See him below leading the Torbay team in for the Opening ceremonies.



Bridger Thiessen

Bridger Thiessen (Pictured Above) carried the Torbay flag at the Closing Ceremonies.

Congratulations are extended to all the fantastic athletes, their coaches and families, to the supporters who attended the Games and the staff and organizers who made it all happen!

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  1. Elaine Cole

    A fantastic week for the kids! Thanks to the organizers and town for a great time.

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Thanks for your kind words Elaine!

  2. Janet Blackmore

    Excellent week for the kids and the town! My child cleared the decks for the week of the Killick Coast games so she could take part. She very much enjoyed the week and is looking forward already for next year. Big thanks to all the organizers, it must be a huge undertaking, and the coaches for giving of their time. It wouldn’t be possilbe without them all.

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Thanks Janet, as with most events in teh community, volunteers are key! Glad your child enjoyed participating!

  3. Ann Marie Reddy

    Congrats to the LBMCOC organizers and a huge thanks to the volunteers and coaches. It was so nice to see the older teenagers helping out with the younger kids. My kids had a great time and cant wait till next year

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Thanks Ann Marie, sounds like the 2017 Killick Coast Games countdown is on!

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