Back To School Traffic Reminder

Residents are advised that schools re-open on Wednesday September 7th.

Heavy traffic is expected near all Torbay schools that morning but in particular delays can be expected at the intersection of Marine Drive and Torbay Road from 8:00am to 9:30am and then again from 3:05pm – 4:00pm.

Residents are asked to please avoid the area at school opening and closing times and take an alternate route if possible.

Motorists are asked to be cautious near our schools, be wary of extra pedestrians and to please respect posted speed limits in school zones.

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  1. Cathy Doyle

    Having respect for the residents who live on the same lane as the school would be appreciated as well! They park everywhere and anywhere they see fit. They even block off people’s driveways!! This is not only unacceptable but it is a real threat to the safety for those of us who live on the lane ways of the schools. When cars are parked on both sides of a narrow lane way, it leaves no room for any Emergency vehicle to pass through. If an emergency was to happen during school opening or closing, I’m afraid they would have to leave their vehicle and walk to the residence as there would be no way for them to get through. I would like to know who is responsible to get help to those on this lane way when the road way is blocked by vehicles? I have sent this same message to the Town of Torbay every year about this problem and every year it is the same thing. They tell us that there will be someone patrolling the area. That has never happened either!!! My son has classes at 9am that day as well, I hope there someone patrolling, so that our driveway is not blocked like it was last year!

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