#AskTorbay – Budget 2018

The Town of Torbay is beginning the process of developing its budget for 2018.

To do this, we are again asking residents to get involved! We want you to Have Your Say. Ask a question, submit your comment and voice your opinion on any element of the budget today. There are many ways to be heard and get involved:

  • Post a question/comment to this web article below
  • Tweet about it on Twitter and don’t forget to tag your post with #AskTorbay
  • Submit a comment on Facebook either publicly or via direct message, again if it’s public use the #AskTorbay hashtag
  • Email the Director of Corporate Services at shynes@torbay.ca
  • Complete our online survey and submit your response to us here.

So, what would you change? What needs more attention? Is there a service or issue that you feel needs increased funding next year? Have Your Say and we’ll respond to all requests before the conclusion of our resident budget engagement process.


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  1. MDwayne Steckley

    Both driving and pedestrian safety in our town must be one of the highest priorities of membership. While vanity projects can make a town nicer, safety cannot take a back seat. As a result, more and better paving of our streets is my recommendation. Sidewalks, where feasible, should be a necessity. If a street cannot tolerate a sidewalk, then widening a road/street with a shoulder and painted margins should be considered.

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Hi Dwayne, thank you for your comment. We’ll ensure its included in the review.

  2. Scott Stanford

    I’m also addressing my concern with maintenance and safety, directed towards busier streets and main roads. Indian Meal Line on the Torbay side needs desperate attention, as do some side streets that are connected to it (for example, Riverview Place). Roads are crumbling and safetey curb sides should be a measure to look into if sidewalks can’t be afforded at this time..

    1. Ross @ Torbay

      Hi Scott. Thanks for this! We’ll make sure it’s included in the budget review.

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