This section contains all Regulations and Policies that are enforced and applied by the Planning and Development Department in order to control development within Torbay. Please contact Department staff for a full understanding or clarification on any Regulations.

Municipal Plan & Development Regulations 2015-2025


Torbay Municipal Plan 2015-2025

Torbay Development Regulations 2015-2025

Minister’s Regulations Torbay 2015-2025

Torbay Schedule A 2015-2025

Torbay Schedule B 2015-2025

Torbay Schedule C 2015-2025

Torbay Schedule D 2015-2025

Torbay Zoning Map 2015-2025

Torbay Development Regulations Amendment No. 1

Torbay Development Regulations Amendment No. 4



Other Regulations & Policies


Backfilling and Excavating Regulations

Civic Address Regulations 

Engineering Design Guidelines for Subdivisions

Mineral Working Conditions

Nuisance and Noise By-Law

Property Standards and Maintenance Regulations

Subdivision Development Notice Policy

Signage and Advertisement Regulations

Town of Torbay Boundary Order, 1986