Animal Control

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Our community Animal Control Officer, Dana Kelly, has been officially appointed an Inspector under the new Animal Health and Protection Act.

The enforcement of these regulations will provide a better general welfare for animals in the community. No animal is to be put in distress – (defined) when in need of proper care, water, food or shelter, being sick, injured abused or in pain or of suffering undue or unnecessary hardship, privation or neglect. These are ticket-able offenses by an Inspector, as well as nuisance animals (off leash, etc.).

The acceptable way of keeping animals has changed for the better: this includes standards of care and standards for dog houses.


To report any animals at large or a case of neglect, please contact: Dana Kelly 437-6532 or



Dogs or cats are prohibited from running at large. Dogs are prohibited from being off the owner's property without being on a leash and without wearing a Town of Torbay dog tag. Even through you are comfortable with animals, many residents, including children, may not be. These regulations are for the safety of your pet and other residents' comfort.

In addition, owners are responsible to ensure their pet does not:

  • Chase, bite or attack any person
  • Chase, bite or attack any domestic animal
  • Damage public or private property


If your pet messes on any property other than your own, you must stoop and scoop the feces immediately. This is out of respect for other residents and public space.


In Torbay, it is mandatory to license your dog. There is no fee for this license.


Animal Control
Dog Tag Application Form


If you have a lost or found animal, please contact the Town's Animal Control Officer at 437-6532, ext. 285 or email  For more information, please see Humane Services.